Our mission

Faced with the incorporation of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z into the workforce, companies have experienced the need to seek new ways to attract, train and retain the best talent in order to stand out in an environment of arduous competition.

212 Executive Search & Consulting was founded in 2012 to solve this problem as an alternative to conventional recruitment and selection processes.

About Us

We are a recruitment agency focused on specialized positions which can often represent a problem for the majority of companies.

Our search methodology, analytics and processes allow us to ensure an expanded search to find the best talent available.

  • Specialized recruitment

    We search for candidates by publishing a job offer in various media, databases, social networks, business associations, job boards in universities and 212 Executive Search & Consulting’s exclusive network of contacts.

  • Headhunting

    We implement a specialized proactive search methodology. Specific searches are carried out by industry, country, region, job skills and/ or directly in some company, among other means.

  • Employment Research

    We have exclusive mechanisms to minimize recruitment risks, such as confidence tests, psychometric tests, an assessment center, socioeconomic studies and career validation.

Why choose 212?

Exclusive Databases

Specialized methodology

Inbound Marketing Recruiting

Big Data

Strategic allies

9 years experience